Family owned Driving School in Western Sydney area which offers comprehensive and tailored driving lessons to suit every learner on automatic transmission car.


We have customized, structured and professional training program for every level to teach you to be safe driver on the road. We provide safe, patient and friendly environment. We focus on educating learners about road rules and regulations.

Under 25's: 3-for-1 Bonus Hours

If you are Under 25, for every hour of structured driving lesson our licensed instructor provides you, you can record it as three hours in your logbook to a maximum 30 hours.

Customers reviews - Facebook

where do I start......Ravron driving school was my saving grace, so many people telling me to use people that they used because they were an ex police officer ,ex driving school examiner , ex everything , all I know is that they were arrogant and overpriced. i instead found Roopali who i have recommend time and time again ,not only is she professional,on time, patient and knows the standards and safety thats required, but more so she is so calm and forms bonds with these children who are so nervous and vulnerable, she encourages them to grow and strive for great results. I have no hesitation in recommending her , great 👍 thank you and look forward to seeing you soon with my other children xxx
I recently completed driving classes with Ravron and this was my first ever driving experience. Roopali ensured that I felt comfortable and confident behind the steering. Wherever possible Roopali also shared techniques for easy maneuver, which helped a lot. I would definitely recommend Ravron.
Srividya Krishnaswamy
I passed the test in the first try , thanks to Rupali for her clear instructions. She was flexible and very punctual. Highly recommend
Nooha Beebi
Roopali is a great driving instructor. Had 4-5 lessons with her and it helped me greatly. She also helped me perfect my reverse parallel parking which was my weakest point. Also the tips and feedback given by her was extremely useful before the test. Thanks to her, I passed first go
Satvik Yadav
Rupali is very good and experienced. She motivates you to get this done and also understands the exact need of the driver.
Neetu Gupta

Customers reviews - Google

Roopali is professional, caring and patient . Both my kids had 10 lessons each with her and Roopali helped them through their anxiety and they felt comfortable with her from the first lesson . Thank you ! Will be recommending you to everyone I know 🙂
Vanessa Soldatos
Found the driving lessons extremely useful! Very experienced instructor who helped me pass first go!
Eric Rajan
Great driving instructor! Would definitely recommend 🙂
Shaariq Ali
Roopali is extremely encouraging and supportive as well as informative and helpful. I did a few lessons and was way more confident. With her help and guidance, I passed first attempt!!! She also followed up on how my test went
Claudia Pacella
Nitole Gave 5* rating and said:
Roopali was able to explain how to do each manoeuvre and test item in a step by step process and in a way that was easy for me to understand. Furthermore, Roopali is patient and reassuring. I passed my driving test with her and would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to improve their confidence or refine their skills before taking the driving test.
Nitole Saha
Positive: Communication, Professionalism
Rupali provided very professional and impactful lessons in the couple of lessons I had with her. She provided good tips in helping me calm down my nerves and easily pointed out my mistakes. Highly recommend her services for nervous drivers!
Hajeera Ahonzada
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value..
I came to Roopali with complete lack of confidence after many years of trying my best to get behind the wheel. Roopali not only shaped my driving to where I am today but gave me the encouragement I needed to exceed expectations of myself I didn't even know I had. Roopali isn't only passionate about her job but also her students, she loves watching them exceed and get to their end goal. I will be referring Roopali to anyone I possibly can. Thank you for believing in me 🙏
Aimee Davies
I have taken 4-5 lessons from Rupali and she has been very helpful and supportive in teaching me the basics and pointing out my mistakes. I cannot recommend her highly enough as she helped me in clearing my driving test in the first attempt
Maryam I
excellent driving school. passed first go. Quality teaching and great learning experience which made me a safe and responsible driver.